The Paris-Saclay MICROBES day, held on Wednesday March 27th 2019 at Gif-sur-Yvette, will showcase the diversity of Microbiology research performed at Paris-Saclay University. This event gathers a community of experts exploring the multiple facets of Microbiology (bacteria, archaea, microbial eukaryotes & viruses) across all scales: from molecules to genes, genomes, cells, populations, communities, and from basic sciences to applied innovations in microbial and molecular engineering and from environmental to human health.

This meeting is organized in 4 sessions of invited and selected oral presentations and a poster session (detailed program below).

Microbiologists from Paris-Saclay are invited to submit an abstract for an oral or poster presentation before Februray 20th (submission site closed).

FREE but mandatory registration (for trophic reasons... to prepare lunches, coffee breaks, etc)

Key words: microbiology – molecular and cellular biology – microbial ecology and evolution – biochemistry and structural biology - omics - applied and environmental microbiology – clinical microbiology – interdisciplinarity

Language: English

Place : I2BC auditorium, Bât. 21, CNRS Gif-sur-Yvette (see :



Please find below the poster list :

MICROBES posters


8 h 45 - Welcoming

9 h - Introduction (S. Bury-Moné, I2BC)

9 h 10 - Session 1: Toward microbial ecology and evolution

Chairmen: Marie-Christine Champomier-Verges (MICALIS), Denis Faure (I2BC)

Eric Pelletier (Genoscope) - Ocean 'omics : a path to large scale analysis of marine plankton

Stéphane Chaillou (MICALIS) – Microbial ecology of food spoilage: insights from meta-omics analyses

Ludwig Jardillier (ESE, IDEEV) - Exploring neglected ecosystems to disentangle microbial diversity and ecology

Nguyen Phuong Pham (GMPA) - Microbial adaptation in cheese: Tales of Brevibacterium

Marta Torres (I2BC) - Identification by transposon‐sequencing of Agrobacterium tumefaciens genes required for colonization of host plants

10 h 30 - Coffee break - Poster session

11 h - Session 2: From molecules to cells

Advances in structural, molecular & cellular microbiology

Chairmen: Jean Millet (VIM), Matthieu Jules (MICALIS)

Frédéric Boccard (I2BC) - From the genome to the nucleoid: an emerging integrated view of the bacterial chromosome

Arnaud Chastanet (MICALIS) - Ultrastructure and dynamics of actin-like MreB filaments in Bacillus subtilis

Jean-François Eléouët (VIM - collaboration with teams from 2I and ICSN laboratories) - Respiratory syncytial virus RNA synthesis in cytoplasmic inclusion bodies: organization and functioning

Prashant Damke (IRCM) - Role of ComH in natural transformation of Helicobacter pylori

Ryan Catchpole (I2BC) - The first transmissible plasmid in Euryarchaeota

12 h 30 - Lunch (offered to registred persons)

14 h - Session 3: Toward the microbial factory and molecular engineering

Synthetic & System Biology, Biotechnologies

Chairman: Matthieu Jules (MICALIS)

Jean-Loup Faulon (MICALIS) – Retro Synthetic Biology for metabolic and biosensor engineering

Muriel Gondry (I2BC) - Cyclodipeptide synthases: a promising biotechnological tool for the synthesis of diverse 2,5-diketopiperazines

Laetitia Maroc (GQE – IDEEV) - An inducible CRISPR-Cas9 System in Candida glabrata useful for genetic engineering

Céline Aubry (I2BC) - Synthetic biology and non-ribosomal peptides, the example of pyrrolamides produced by Streptomyces

15 h - Session 4: Host-microbes interactions and Health microbiology

Chairmen: Marie Gallou (VIM), Denis Faure (I2BC)

Richard J O' Connell (BIOGER) - Secondary metabolites of fungal pathogens as effectors for plant manipulation

Philippe Gérard (MICALIS) - Role of the gut bacteria in liver diseases. Insights from microbiota transplants

15 h 40 - Coffee break - Poster session

Fabienne Misguich (2I) - New insights into the interactions of Mycobacterium abscessus and host and environmental phagocytes

Rémy Bonnin (EA 7361, Hôpital de Bicêtre) – High-risk Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae: epidemiology and bases for their success

Pauline Maisonnasse (IDMIT) - Non-human primate models of human infectious diseases, therapeutical strategies and vaccines

Christelle Langevin (VIM) - Deep inside host pathogen interactions: from tissue clearing to whole organ imaging

Olivier Delelis (LBPA) - A new mechanism of HIV-1 replication explaining resistance to strand-transfer inhibitors?

Pauline Misson (MICALIS) - Impact of prophages from Escherichia coli LF82 on its persistence abilities in macrophages

17 h 40 - Concluding remarks (S. Bury-Moné, I2BC)


Laboratory acronyms :

2I (Infection & Inflammation, UMR1173 INSERM-Université Versailles Saint-Quentin)

BIOGER (BIOlogie et GEstion des Risques en agriculture, UMR1290 INRA-AgroParisTech)

EA 7361 (Structure, dynamique, fonction et expression de bêta-lactamases à large spectre - Hôpital de Bicêtre, Service de Bactériologie, Le Kremlin-Bicêtre)

ESE (Ecologie Systématique et Evolution - UMR 8079 – Université Paris-Sud / CNRS / AgroParisTech)

I2BC (Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell, UMR9198 CEA-CNRS-Université Paris-Sud)

ICSN (Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles - CNRS - UPR 2301 Gif-sur-Yvette)

IDEEV (Institut Diversité Ecologie et Evolution du Vivant - Fédération de Recherche)

IRCM (Institute of Cellular and Molecular Radiobiology, Institut François Jacob, UMR967 INSERM, CEA, Fontenay aux Roses)

Genoscope - Génomique métabolique- UMR 8030 (CNRS-CEA-Université d’Evry Val d’Essone, Evry)

GMPA (Génie et Microbiologie des Procédés Alimentaires, UMR0782 INRA-AgroParisTech - Thiverval-Grignon)

GQE (Génétique Quantitative et Evolution - Le Moulon, UMR0320 INRA, UMR8120 UPSUD, AgroParisTech, CNRS - Le Moulon, Gif-sur-Yvette )

IDMIT (Infectious Diseases Models for Innovative Therapies, CEA/DSV/IMETI/SIV - CEA Fontenay-aux-Roses)

LBPA (Laboratoire de Biologie et de Pharmacologie Appliquée, UMR8113 ENS Paris-Saclay, CNRS)

MICALIS (Microbiologie de l’Alimentation au service de la Santé - UMR INRA – AgroParisTech)

VIM (Virologie et Immunologie Moléculaires, UR0892 INRA)




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